Spy Kids

- Did you brush your teeth?
- I already did.

- Juni, don't forget to brush--
- I am, I am.

All right, all right.
JUNI: OK, warts. Uhh!
Prepare to meet your maker.
Everything OK at school?
Yeah. It's good. It's fine.
OK. Well, lights out.
Bedtime story first.
What story do you want to hear?
"The Two Spies
Who Fell In Love."

Hmm. Wow.
I haven't told that one
in a while.

You probably remember that
better than I do.

- Want to hear a story, Juni?
- I'm listening.

Once upon a time...
there was a man and a woman.
- And they were both spies.
- Yes.

She from one country,
he from another.

She had a very important mission
assigned to her.

- He was her mission.
- Correct.

Her mission was to take him out.
CARMEN: On a date?
No. Uh, take him--
Oh, you mean...
I shouldn't be telling you this.
- Go on. Go on.
- You have to understand...

these were
dark and confusing times.

An enormous amount of turmoil
between countries.

INGRID: Out off ear...
a new kind of soldier
was created--

brilliant, brave soldiers...
whose greatest weapons
were their minds.

Those men and women were spies.
They were masters of disguise.