Summer Catch

A girl so big I thought she was twins.
She was big, huh?
-How can I say this?

She was fat and that ain't with a "ph," kid.
She was fat?
She had strings hanging off her
from the time they steered her in a parade.

All right, I had a few beers.
Yo, Ry?
Lauren's friend was asking about you.
-Yeah, man.

I told them we'd meet them for ice cream.
Is that cool?

-Miles, you can come too.

There's got to be at least one fat chick
at the ice cream shop.

I swear to God!
I've got some burgers in there.
I hit the deli on the way home.
Can you work tomorrow?
I got a game.
Are you pitching?
No, this kid Van Leemer.
Is he good?
He's good. Throws hard.
Harder than you?
Not a lot of guys throw harder than you.
Let me know about your lawns.
One way or another, they got to get done.

Billy Brubaker, catcher from USC...
...and Ryan Dunne,
left-handed pitcher from Chatham.

Would you sign these?
Pretty big Chatham A's fan?