Super 8 Stories

- l know what you mean.
- But what's it called?

Everyone, attack!
Everyone, attack!

Hase is the one!
Everyone, attack!
Everyone, attack!

Hase is the one!
- You tore its tail off?
- lt'll grow a new one.

Now his legs are gonna grow...
- What'd you do to it?
- Nothing.

What'd you do to the lizard?
Tore its tail off! Look at it!
- What'd you do?
- l tore its tail off.

What'll happen to it?
lt'll grow a new one. A bigger one.
''A bigger and older one.''
The happiest day in my life
was when l finished
military service.

But then came the saddest:
l started working
in a watch factory.

l didn't know which was worse:
getting up at 6 in the morning

to do a job l didn't like
or not doing what l wanted.

l looked at the machines
as if they were instruments.

l never felt like a worker.
l wanted to play and l did.

My father's father was very rich.
He sold opium for medical purposes
before WW2.

He was the richest man in Veles.
Then the communists came
and took everything from him.

So my father had no choice
but to go to war.