Super 8 Stories

l was surprised to learn we were
to play on the same stage

with the best sax player
and guitarist in jazz today:
Pat Metheny and Michael Brecker.
lt's hard to play on guitar.
The brass phrases have to be played
by the guitarist.

lt's bebop.
Guitarists who learn this

play superbly. lt's Charlie Parker's
way of thinking.

l saw the movie, ''New York, New York'',
which l like less now.

But there was Robert de Niro
playing sax with such enthusiasm,

that l fell in love
with the instrument.

l told my father:
l gotta play the sax.
He hoped it was just a passing whim

but he taught me to play the scales.
Within six months,
he was amazed to find l was good

and already playing
in some clubs.

Jazz, which is dead,
as Miles Davis said,

is looking for new temptations
in order to survive
as it had before.