Super 8 Stories

What we played
at the jazz festival in Nice

was an entirely new shot in the arm
and a big surprise for the audience,

besides the fact
that this music at heart isn't jazz.

But it has improvisations,
energy, instrumental parts,
different ethno elements,

which exist in modern jazz.
lt was put together skillfully
and we did great.

We don't have carrots
for the snowman.

For the nose. And a pot for a hat.
And a broom.

l'm trapped. He trapped me.
Are we going to play now?
A game?

The blinking guy you lifted,
that prick in lceland...

You grabbed him like this.
Think you can lift me?

- l'll throw you like this.
- Not on your life!

Don't fuck with me.
He tried lifting me
like the lceland guy.

l'll throw you when l want.
- No way! Want to wrestle?
- No.

Well, don't fuck around.
l have to play the gig.
Look what he's done to me.

Look at this!
That was when you grabbed my foot.
And this,
when you tried to pull free.

What do you want now?
Tell me, what?

Nothing. Obviously, l'm not going
to throw you. l really can't.

Don't lie to me.
You're my father. l can't throw you.
He wants to crush me like
a mosquito. You can't.

Must l swear on my sister's head?
Swear on your sister's head?
You tried to grab me...

l can't take this aggressiveness.
l can't knock you down
in front of everyone.

You saw him charge me:
all 100 kilos with 8 motors.