Texas Rangers

Most boys draw on sarsaparilla.
Draw, damn it.
The gun doesn't seem
to be loaded, sirs.

Son, you might want
to cock the hammer.

How'd he do?
Nine seconds.
Seen worse.
Gentlemen, you've been gracious
to grant me your time.

I wish you the best
in your endeavors.

Give my best to Philadelphia.
just so there are
no hard feelings either way

I didn't come here
for a mouth's pay

or to execute
some bandits

like they did
my family.

I came here
because you sent out for men

who wanted to protect
their land.

I have no land
but the patch

my own two feet stand on
but I would want that land
to be lawful, sir.

you put that down in writing,
Mr. Dunnison?

That high-minded talk.
you write like that, too?
In English, French or Latin?
Well, shit, Mr. Dunnison.
I only know Spanish,
Cherokee and Comanche.

$40 a mouth in a state scrip
and found.

you'll get your pay
from Sergeant Armstrong.

you'll get your orders
from me.

We'll sell you the boots,
sell you a gun

sell you a steed.
but it'll run you $40,
Mr. Dunnison

so you better last a mouth...
'cause you're in debt to me

Here you are.
Wear it proud, son.