I don't know.
-You are.

Don't listen to her.
Anna is dangerous.

She's got it in her head
that she's a lesbian.

Don't listen to her, because
she actually just wants to fuck you.

What the hell are you saying?
-She's thinks she's a lesbian.

Stop saying that. I am a lesbian.
You're lesbian for political reasons.
Thoughts about the patriarchy...

And all men are pigs...

And all that crap...

Keep your daughter away before she...

What are you fucking doing?
-Jesus. Damn.

Did you hurt yourself?
Oh, dear.
How are you doing?
You still love her, huh?

They just got divorced.
They fight all the time.

It's always like this.
-Divorced? But she was a lesbian.

Yes, but she's become one
quite recently.

Well, Tet is their child, but...
Anna was in therapy
and realized she was a lesbian.

Come on, let's dance.
-No... no...

Yes, come on.

It's nice, come on. Yeah, come on.
It's great music. Come on.
What the hell. Okay.