Two Can Play That Game

You say that like that's a bad thing.
Look at that. Look at her.
-She is fine.
-I know she's fine, man.

But putting her titties on my back,
grabbing my stuff...?

Do you know how much I'd pay
to have her grab my stuff?

Plus, dog, if she was ugly...
...I would've told you to step off.
But look at that.

Dog, she bad!
Look at them titties.
Nice, big old breastices.

They're just wanting you
to suck on them.

They're staring.
That small waist leading down
to that plump ass.

She shaking that ass for you,
saying, " Keith, come eat me."

Put it on your chin.
Plus, she got a good job,
and on top of that, she a freak.

You can hit that from the back.
Oh, shit.

Look at her.
What more do you want, man?

I don't know, man. I don't know.
If you want to completely
get over Shanté...

:54:05 have to date other people.
Why not start with that?
I'm gonna go smack ass.
I suggest you let her smack your ass.
Shanté, I really thought you forgot
about me. I'm glad you called.

Day six is a real drag.
You're on a date and start to think:

"What the hell am I doing here?"
Stick through it. Go on many dates.
It's all part of the 1 0-day process.
I thought you weren't
concerned about me.

-I thought... avoided me.

-But now I know you can't... without Big Papa.

-Your Pooh Bear.