That man is me.
Akseli Ukkonen.

Ten years ago I disappeared.
Vanished without a trace.

I led a project named Die Seligkeit in a
company called Generator in East-Germany.

I had to quit, for the purpose of my research
was quite different than what I had thought.

I tried to take with me the devices I had
developed. I wanted Die Seligkeit to stop.

I failed. I was executed at
the corridors of my workplace.

One bullet destroyed the X-ray
generator I was carrying.

It caused a massive nuclear reaction.
Don't ask me what happened then.
I have no idea how I survived.

I had been transferred to somewhere else.
I witnessed the complete destruction
of the whole factory area.

Bullets hadn't left a trace in me.
Otherwise I was in top condition but I was
glowing like a gene-manipulated firefly.

For a moment I thought I was going to die.
Maybe it would have been the
easiest thing for everyone.