Judging by the extent of the security
measures I have been right all along.

Mercenaries are guarding the facility.
The goal of Die Seligkeit seems to be to create
a mass destruction device based on X-rays.

Yes yes.. The mainframe of
Generator's network is in my hands.

A few wires here and there and soon
every press of a button will be recorded.

The big brother is watching.

The computers i've built are decrypting the
top secret files of Die Seligkeit bit by bit.

Everything will be crystal clear.
Sooner or later the information leak will be
discovered. I have to be ready.

Generator will make every attempt
to stop the truth from being told.

My body, the instrument of revenge, is now
a deadly weapon. Their doom is at hand.

My abilities were exploited. I was never
aware of the goals of the project.

Now Generator works by the same principle.
The talents of hundreds of scientists have
been harnessed to immoral projects.

And now, very soon..
I can prove this all to you.