Die Seligkeit to be transferred
to a refrigerating container.

The temperature of the core
has reached critical mass.

Database destroyed
Good evening.
Energy corporation Generator's factory complex
located in Finland has been fully destroyed.

The catastrophe has effectively paralyzed
the entire operation of the corporation.

So far no information has been
gathered of the saboteur or the motive.

All observations of the man caught on the
security camera are to be reported to police.

You need to explain to Katariina
that what I did was justified.

And tell her that I love her.
But I never may be able to return to her.
I have been given a mission,
i have to go through with it alone.

Now it is time to go. In approximately
eight and a half hours I will be located.

Everyone has to be responsible
for one's own actions. Including me.

If something should happen to me,
i want this tape to be published.