No Jews in my line. The bread
is for Poles on the Aryan side.

Go to your side! Go to the Ghetto.
Officer, I am a veteran
of the Polish armed services.

Then you're a fighter, huh?
Mordechai Anielewicz?
You're wanted for work detail. Let's go.

-Work detail? Where?
-Who knows? What's the difference?

All Jews, ordered to report.
-How will I know what to wear?
-Don't get smart.

Let's get moving.
This work detail,
it wouldn't be a German work detail?

I warned you.
-I only work for my people.

You, a Jewish policeman. . .
. . .are a traitor to your people.
I should kill you!

But often I ask myself:
Can a moral man, that's me. . .

. . .maintain his moral code
in an immoral world?

Does this question interest you?
Get out of here, before I hurt you.
Papa, why are so many people
moving here?