This is an assault on our existence
as a people!

What do we do in this horror?
Do we sit and wait. . .

. . .for the next slap in the face
from the enemy?

Or do we hide within ourselves
so the blows don't hurt us so much?

Or do we look to God
and pray for the Messiah to come?

Messiah, are you coming?
I don't think he is. So what do we do?

We use our hands and arms. . .
. . .our lives, our deaths,
and we fight back, we resist.

If you can't fight, run or hide.
But you must resist.

-You must.
-Rachel! Mama!

Mama, show them the permits!
-Show them!
-I did but they didn't care!

I want to go with you!
I want to go with you!
Those willing to resist
must work together.

We must share arms, information and--

-We must leave for Warsaw.
-What is it?

We must leave. Now.
They've asked me to kill children
with my own hands.

This I cannot do.
Signed, Adam...
... Czerniakow.