Something is not right.
The fighting has decreased.
They only attack at night.

They are playing possum.
The informer's told us
where the command bunker is.

I think it's accurate.
That is good news, isn't it?
Too good.
Too easy.
-Is your ankle better?

If you want to go with the others,
you can.

I'd rather stay and fight with you,
if that's all right.

It's all right.
Where are the sewer workers?
I don't know what happened.
They were paid to guide us.

But they haven't shown up.
We need to go. It's too dangerous.
We're going into the Ghetto.
If not the sewers, over the wall.

Are you crazy?
We have no chance without a plan!

-Nor do they if we don't get them out!
-And if we get shot?

-I'm going.
-How will you get them out?

Are you with me or not?
We have no chance without the guide
to take us in the sewers and out.

Do you see a guide?
Do you?
There is no sewer worker!
-Are you with me or not?
-I will go with you, Yitzhak.

Make your own funeral arrangements.
I will not carry your coffin.

I will accompany you,
but he makes sense.

Maybe we should try again tomorrow
with the Poles.

We can't rely on the Poles.
We can't rely on anyone else
to get us in!

Zivia, when you get to the sewer,
go left.