Vanilla Sky

When will you call me?
Don't say "soon".

I hate it when you say soon.
So this is what's become
of rock and roll?

A smashed guitar behind a glass case
displayed on some rich guy's wall.

It was a gift, actually.
- I like it.
- Whoa! Whoa!

So how did you get all this stuff?
This apartment, this life?

I see.
How about if you help me?
Unless I'm horning in here.

- You are, but the food's good.
- I've got a stalker.

- It doesn't sound life-threatening.
- I need you to pretend

we're having a scintillating conversation
and you are wildly entertained.

- I know it's tough.
- I'll improvise.

She's right across the room,
burning a hole in my back.

- Red dress, strappy shoes?
- Yes.

She's really staring at you.
I'm having a drink.
- Shit.
- She seems to be crying. Less happy.

I think she's the saddest girl
to ever hold a Martini.

- Brian Shelby.
- Jennifer Kelly.

- You have another apartment?
- Sort of a day office.

- I am not going in there.
- I am. Goodnight.