Vidas privadas

No, I won't be delayed,
my father will be...

:02:04 strong as
a bull by then.

You won't have time
to miss me. Bye.

I'll pay you for the
whole month anyway.

The money is
in the kitchen.

- OK, have a nice
trip. - Bye.

He's asleep, your
mum is with him.

I'm glad. Last night he didn't
sleep, Carmen's arrival...

I gave him a sedative, it's risky,
but insomnia could be worse.

Come in. What do you think?
This is her old bedroom.

It's okay, I guess.
I don't know if I'm the right
person to give an opinion.

You know her
better then I do.

- I haven't seen her for a
long time, 20 years. - My age.

Dad'll kill me, he wanted to
be awake when she got here...

...he even asked
for a new robe.

- When is she coming? -11:30.
She should be here by now.

- Won't you stay for lunch?
- I must go to the hospital.

- The flowers. - What about
them? - They are too colorful.

Too luxuriant.
There she is, Carmen.
Incredible, she's
just the same.

- What's wrong?
- Nothing, I'm a bit dizzy.

- I'm so excited. Let's go down.
- I must make a phone call.