Vidas privadas

His illness changed
his mind.

Will it be a
long procedure?

It may take months
or a year.

I mean my part of the deal,
signing papers an all that.

I must be back in Madrid in
two weeks, I hope it's enough.

I thought you'll
stay longer.

I had thought of taking
you to the places I go...

...they are
not many but...

I wanted you
to meet Javier.

Mum'd be jealous, she
hasn't met him yet.

Send me a picture. I'd love
to have all the time...

:09:33 the world, but I only
have mine, and it's very little.

- Wait and see if dad
gets better. - He will.

- He's got an armored heart.
- Alejandro doesn't agree.

Alejandro is too sensitive.
Don't listen to him.

- What's this? -The properties
that will be conveyed.

I know the family

When you have news, let
me know. I must unpack.

It's Carmen Uranga. I've booked
an appartment from Madrid.

For 2 weeks, yes.
In 48 hours? Great.
I'll pay you a soon as
I get the keys. Bye.

If among the millions of
phone numbers in the world...

... you dialed this one, you
are calling the right place.

Leave your name, number and
some hint about your call...

... Roxana Rodó will call you
back. You won't regret it.

It's Carmen Uranga. I'm in
Buenos Aires for two weeks.

I'll call you
again later.