The soldiers are leaving
on the bus.

Our Rifat's on it, too.
They've called up
all the young ones this time.

Why did they take so many
this time around?

You've got the wrong idea
about me. Really.

Try that number on some other girl.
When l'm in love, l feel it here.
And when l do
there are no lies, no tricks.

l feel it with my heart and soul.
That bastard's been showing
the same movie all week.

l wish it was an action movie.
Maybe there'll be
some kissing action.

Shut up, you pervert.
That girl sleeps day and night.
Wake up and have some melon.
-Want some melon rinds?

No thanks, mother.
l adore you, l entreat you...
Are you all right? Don't cry sonny.
Get down you little devils!
Are they up on the roof again?
Movies make you forget everything.
Didn't l tell you the kids
shouldn't climb trees at night?

-What happened, dad?
-A lot of crap, that's what!

All right. l'll have some now.
And didn't l say no one could
watch Latif's movies?

We don't go there.
We watch from here.