Waking Life

Cut your eyelids off.

I'll just listen
to you fucks screamin'.

Oh, what sweet music
that'll be.

Yeah. We'll do it
in the hospital.

With doctors and nurses so you pricks
don't die on me too quick.

You know the best part?
The best part is you dick-smokin'
faggots will have your eyelids cut off,

so you’ll have to watch me
do it to you, yeah.

You'll see me bring that
cigar closer and closer...

to your wide-open eyeball...
till you're almost
out of your mind.

But not quite...
'cause I want it to last
a long, long time.

I want you to know
that it's me,

that I'm the one
that's doin' it to you.

And that
sissy psychiatrist?

What unmitigated

That old drunken fart
of a judge!

What a pompous ass!
Judge not lestye be judged!
All of you pukes are gonna die the day
I get out of this shithole!

I guarantee you’ll regret
the day you met me!

In a way, in our
contemporary world view,

It's easy to think that science
has come to take the place of God.

But some philosophical problems
remain as troubling as ever.

Take the problem
of free will.

This problem's been around
for a long time,

since before Aristotle
in 3 50 B.C.

St. Augustine,
St. Thomas Aquinas,

these guys all worried
about how we can be free...

if God already knows in advance
everything you're gonna do.

Nowadays we know that the world
operates according to some
fundamental physical laws,

and these laws govern the behavior
of every object in the world.

Now, these laws, because
they're so trustworthy,

they enable incredible
technological achievements.