She"d bring men to their bed...
and little Eddie, he"d have to get up
and go sit on the floor in the corner...

and watch.
Just watch.
Sometimes he"d sleep.
He"d have nightmares...
about his daddy beatin" him
and his mama half to death.

Sometimes the men beat her.
She"d blame him
and beat him next.

He didn"t have no friends.
Didn"t want any.

They called him a loser.
And he"d just sit at home and--
alone and cry.
Just cry.
His mama said he was a survivor.
But that didn"t sound right to Eddie.
"Cause a survivor ain"t nothin"
but a loser that...

ain"t dead yet.
No, Eddie"s a winner...
and he"s smart too.
He starts watching people.
You know, just watching.
And the more he watches,
he reckons that...

their lives ain"t half right either.
They"re unhappy; they"re lost.
They hate themselves.
But Eddie knows.