Who Is Cletis Tout?

Oh... what's the name
of that Burt Reynolds picture
with the banjo?

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah
that one
with that retarded kid.

He was good, that guy.
Yeah, he was good.
Coupla nights ago, me and Denise
we popped that into the DVD.
We're about an hour
into this thing

and I start
thinking to myself

"this story ain't
very realistic."

You're a lonely mountain man.
They're destroying your home.
They've taken your job.
There is no place
to set your still.

You are angry-
they've destroyed

everything that
validates your manhood.

You're confused;
your sexuality is in question.

You decide you're going
to hit for the other side.

You want yourself
some man meat-

I understand that-
but wouldn't you wait

for Burt Reynolds
to come downriver?