Who Is Cletis Tout?

Is that how it ends?
He just buries the diamonds
in a field?

No, no, that's not it.
It's just the beginning.
It was, uh, september,
almost three weeks to the day.

I was serving seven years
in the federal pen

in north carolina-
fraud, forgery,
passports, documents.

I gave people new identities.
If you wanted to disappear,
I was the guy you called.

Micah Tobias- aka the magician.
25 years grand theft.
The take: diamonds.
Market value: $4.5 million,
never recovered.

I got your birds.
My job: two homing pigeons,
camera, Kodachrome film

and an escape plan.
My take: a cool million.
This day, we became partners.
I got your birds.
Are they marked?
The address you gave me.
Camera and film?
Already in your cell.
Alvie, I was
under the impression

this being a communal garden
we'd all take a vote
before we move the scarecrow.

I woke up this morning
and found out
that for the past two months

you've had your fist
up my ass.

I don't like your fist
in my ass, Finch.

Any free hand in this yard
steals for me.

You want anything,
you come to me.

That's the deal.
That's how it works!
Any questions?
I don't know where
you did your MBA work

but I believe
you're confusing "deal"

which is an arrangement
for mutual benefit...

with extortion.
Iisten, you
mother-fuckin' cocksucker

you don't know me.
I could cut your head
right off!

Stand down now!
You got a problem
with that, henry?