Who Is Cletis Tout?

Detective Delaney, please.
Oh, Detective, I didn't expect
to get you so late.

Well, this is doris stanton.
You remember that you asked me
to let you know
if mr. Tout came by?

Well, he's at home right now.
We'll send somebody over
right away.

You got a big problem.
You got the wrong guy.
He's at home right now
and if you hurry,
you can catch him

but don't kill him
in the building

and if you do... whack
the old lady in number nine.

Hello, dip and shit.
How's your supper?
What's wrong?
You killed the wrong guy,
that's what's wrong, putzo.

That's impossible.
I give you
a simple job

and all you two can do
is blow so much smoke up my ass

it's a miracle I ain't died
of rectal cancer!

We got a bead on him?
He's at home right now.
Now, you take the car
and you do it right this time.

You hit him outside.
You get him a couple miles
away from the place.

I don't want anybody
seeing you do this.