Who Is Cletis Tout?

I can't even take care
of myself.

And then it hit me.
I think I know how
to find the diamonds.

What? I thought we
could partner up on this thing.

You know, I mean,
split it 50/50.

Honor among thieves and all.
Don't let me into your group.
You're the superhero of crime.
You're the one with the big "C"
on his chest, remember?

Obviously, you do.
Iook, I'm not splitting anything
with you 50/50.

Do you know why?
Because there should be
some sort of a clause

a jiggins clause.
Do you know
what a jiggins is?

It's a congenital idiot,
a mongoloid.

So, every time
you do something stupid

every time
you give me the jiggins

I take five percent.
Now, it's been one week
with the map.

That was stupid.
That's a jiggins- 55/45.

Hey, this has nothing
to do with your dad.

This is about you.
You're-you're greedy.
You just want it
all for yourself.

It's not the diamonds.
I want the box.

I just want the box.
You've obviously
touched a nerve.

The box- it must
mean something to her.

Tess, come on.
What do you want from me?
I'll tell you what I want.
I want you to shut
your pie hole!

Okay, look, I'm coming up,
all right?