Who Is Cletis Tout?

Tess found the old man's tree
or what was left of it...

and the diamonds,
they were safe...

safe behind the walls
of a minimum- security prison.

Now, we're moving.
Classic plot twist.
They'll never see it coming.
Now, if you'd just get
this love story off the ground

We'd have ourselves a picture.
It's late in the second act,
and we need a back story.

All right.
Who is this girl?
The girl.
What's the deal
with the birds?

They're homing pigeons.
When my father
went to prison

they were the only way
we could communicate.

It actually works?
I thought it was
just some story from the war.

Yeah, he had them tagged
to the house
my foster family lived in.

Where was your mom?
She died when I was six.
Oh. Sorry.
When I was eight, I was moved
to another foster family

and the birds never came back.
I thought for sure
he'd forgotten me.

He found me.