Who Is Cletis Tout?

Are you crying?
This thing's worse
than "terms of endearment."

But at least we have
our tag line.

I mean...
"you thought it was hard
breaking out of prison-

try breaking in."
You are going
to break in again.

You got to get the box
and then it means
so much to her.

When I get like this, I hate it.
Hey, hey, what are you doing?
It's for the story.
Make it much more interesting.

Use your hands now.
Gesture, all right.
All right,
what we need now is some action

some bang-bang
shoot- 'em- up action

just like when I first met you.
The diamonds
were a moot point...

or were they?
I was on my way
back to the gladstone.

My worst fear
wasn't getting caught.

My worst fear was
getting killed.

I was a man
with a death sentence.

Somebody wanted me dead,
but why?

Then it hit me.
The tape.
The Maltese falcon.
My god, they wanted
the Maltese falcon.

So I waited
until it got dark

and I went back to Tout's.
"This is my life.
"It always will be.
"There's nothing else-
just us and the camera

and those wonderful people
out there in the dark."

"All right, Mr. Demille.
I'm ready for my close-up."