Who Is Cletis Tout?

What's your problem, bitch?
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
First thing is
I'm not your bitch.
I'm a concerned citizen
and I don't like what
you're doing to my country.

Well, that's great
Captain America.
What are you going
to do about it, huh?

Hey! I like that
Captain America nickname.

How about Captain American?
The last four letters
intrigue me.

"I can"!
That should be
a fucking motto around here.
What can you do when people
start doing
bullshit like this?

You know what?
I can kill them.
That's what I can do.
You know what I want
you to do right now?

Come over here and draw
on your buddy's
head right here

"I will not deface
these United States of America"

and the rest of you, all of you
pull out your paint
and your crayons

and start defacing each other.
Right now!
I thought you little fuckers
liked tattoos.

Come on!
let's start painting!

That, my friend,
is how you button a scene-

classic john wayne
don't mess with america.

You're a true patriot.
You know who you sound like?
Jack Nicholson.
Anybody ever tell you that?
Now we're ready
for the third act.

I know how to
get the diamonds.

Do you know how to fire a gun?
My name is Cletis Tout.
I have reason to believe
that my life is in danger.