Who Is Cletis Tout?

You'll never guess who just
walked into the 14th precinct.

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!
Have they seen the tape?
Evidently, he didn't
mention the tape.

He claims to have
seen it all

with his own two eyes.
I'll kill that shit
and fuck his whole family!

Cops are going to
want to question you.

What do I do?
You do nothing.
We need to get to Tout.
So what do you think?
Got an awful lot
of the right information.

Rowdy Virago?
Pretty amazing charge.
Would you like to
take a little ride?

No, you can
leave the birds.

Mr. Tout, there are
four corpses here.

Please point out the woman
you saw Rowdy Virago kill.

This is the girl.
Iet the record state
that Mr. Tout identified

Merrill Candide.
Dr. Savian.
This is Cletis Tout.
He just named a suspect
in our triple homicide.

Nice to see a man like you
these days.

Nice to be seen.
Mr. Tout, you
recognize this man?

Uh... no.
What makes you think
someone's trying
to kill you, Mr. Tout?