Insidious means undetectable at an early...
Insidious means treacherous.
- Shall I continue?
- By all means.

In invasive epithelial carcinoma...
the most effective treatment modality
is a chemotherapeutic agent.

We are developing
an experimental combination of drugs...

designed for primary-site ovarian,
for the target specificity of stage three...

and beyond administration.
Am I going too fast?
You will be hospitalized
as an in-patient for treatment each cycle.

You will be hospitalized
as an in-patient for treatment each cycle.

After the initial eight cycles,
you will have another battery of tests.

The antineoplastic will inevitably
affect some healthy cells...

including those lining
the gastrointestinal tract...

from the lips to the anus,
and the hair follicles.

We will be relying on your resolve...
to withstand some of the more
pernicious side effects.

I beg your pardon.
- Do you have any questions so far?
- Please, go on.

- Perhaps some of these terms are new...
- No, you're being very thorough.

I make a point of it.
I always emphasize it with my students.

So do I. Thoroughness,
I always tell my students...

but, they are constitutionally
averse to painstaking work.

- Yours too.
- It's worse every year.

- Mine are blind.
- Mine are deaf.

- You just have to hope.
- I suppose so.

Where were we?
I believe I was being
thoroughly diagnosed.

Now, the tumor is spreading very quickly.
And this treatment is very aggressive.
- So far, so good?
- Yes.

- Better not teach next semester.
- Out of the question.

The first week of each cycle
you'll be hospitalized for chemotherapy.

The next week you may feel a little tired.
- The next two will be fine, relatively.
- Eight months like that.

This treatment is the strongest thing
we have to offer you.