Why not plumbing?
Why not run a lube rack
for all the surgeons know about...

Homo sapiens sapiens?
No way.
Cancer's the only thing I ever wanted.

No, really, cancer is...
It is awesome. How does it do it?
The intercellular regulatory mechanisms...
especially for proliferation
and differentiation.

- The malignant neoplasia just don't get it.
- Neoplasia, cancer cells.

Yes, that's right.
You grow normal cells
in a tissue culture in a lab...

and they replicate enough
to form a confluent monolayer...

and then divide 20 or 50 times,
but eventually they conk out.

You grow cancer cells
and they never stop.

No contact inhibition whatsoever,
they just pile up.

They keep replicating forever.
It's got a great name.
Know what it's called?

- No, what?
- Immortality in culture.

That sounds like a symposium.
It's an error in judgment,
in a molecular way.

But why?
Even on a protistic level
the normal cell-cell interactions...

are so subtle,
they take your breath away.

It's incredible, it's perfect.
What's up with cancer cells?
Smartest guys in the world...

the best labs, funding...
They don't know what to make of it.
- What about you?
- Me?

I've got some things I'm kicking around.
Wait till I get a lab of my own,
if I can survive this fellowship.

The part with the human beings.
Everybody has to do it,
all the best researchers.

They want us to converse
intelligently with clinicians...

as if researchers were the impediment.
Clinicians are such troglodytes.
Just cut the crap, I say.

Are you going to be sorry when...
Do you ever miss people?