What was that?
Talk to the groomspeople
clearly, openly

You know Isha, I can't take this
"Hahn-ji, Nan-ji" small-talk

What scant pluck I have is because
I have Ronit with me. Else...

What can Ronit do? He's a baby.
Elders talk to each other

Stop depending on him.
- But I...

TIMEOUT: 01:37:36:05
Not buts to yourself

TIMEOUT: 01:37:36:05
Not buts to yourself

Mr Raj, Ronit is to me
what my son Pankaj is

Ronit has told us everything
about Avantika. All I wanted...

was to meet you. Now we've met.
- Me too... what I wanted...

What I wanted, Ronit...
- What he wanted was to meet you...

and ask you... you know wedding matters
... if you have any conditions, demands

Exacty! Whatever it be, be sure
to ask. I'll fulfill everything

Decent parents, a good girl and
a simple wedding... my 3 conditions

Nothing more.
- Yes, and have nothing to worry

At home with us, Avantika won't face
the slightest hardship

That's exacty what I meant
Well, have I been talking excessively?
- Not a question of excesses

All I've been trying to tell him
is to make a clean breast

One colour, you know.
Differing shades create problems