Zir-e poost-e shahr

A Cinema-79 Production
Under The Skin Of The City
A film by Rakhshan Bani-Etemad
Let's roll. Roll...
Your scarf... Fix your hair!
How do you assess the role
of female workers...

in the upcoming parliamentary elections?
The importance of women...
The kinds of jobs women...
can hold...
In hospitals, factories...
They should pay attention to them...
especially to hard-working women...
Excuse me, ma'am.
What are your expectations
from your elected officials?

- Our expectations from our elected...
- Please let her finish.

They should have strong faith in God...
pay attention
to housing and welfare benefits...

Thank you very much, ma'am.
Damn it, I had enough! I can't.
You just turn dumb in front of this camera.

- Ms. Rahmani, tell them yourself.
- You can talk, too. It's no problem.

Golab Adineh
Mohammadreza Foroutan
Baran Kosari
We're all sick. We have asthma,
arthroses disease... other diseases...

Please! Wait a minute!
I understand your concerns.

We want to take a few shots
inside the factory.

Please go back to your work.
We'll see you there.

- What shots? Will they pay us for this?
- No, just a few minutes of film.