Zir-e poost-e shahr

There are things I have to get done.
Mr. Abbas.
You have a phone call in the workshop.

It's the police.
Ms. Zamani, I'll call you back later. Bye.
Your brother is in trouble again.
They said you should go there right away.

Parviz, answer the calls.
I'll be back in a jiffy.

Why do you do things like this?
What the hell do you think you'll achieve?

What's in it for you?
What did you accomplish last year,
when you beat the hell out of one another?!

The only winners are the likes of Nasser,
selling dollars at a 20% higher rate.

Don't people have the right to say
what they want, and don't want?

And you half-witted kids
know what people want?

At least, we have the courage to say it!
People just try to make it through the day,
to live a half-decent life.

Stick to your education. Do you hear me?
There's a lot more to education.

Don't you start preaching to me, now!
Don't you want to graduate?
Aren't there enough
unemployed engineers and physicians?

Don't you get fresh with me, now!
Get in any political trouble again...

and I know what to do with you. That's all!
Producer: Jahangir Kosari
R. Bani-Etemad

Director: Rakhshan Bani-Etemad
SO3 + H2O makes H2SO4,
which is sulfuric acid.

Now, N2O5 + H2O makes 2HNO3,
which is nitric acid.

So, mixed with water, they all make acids.
You got it?
- What do you have in there?
- Cement! I'm so tired.

This tape is so cool.
Where did you get it from?

Lt'd be just great for Sumayyeh's wedding.
They don't listen to cheap music
in the wedding of Einstein's sister!