Zir-e poost-e shahr

Good heavens! Why are you lying?
Ms. Pari called
and said she was going to the sauna.

Sure, sir. Don't worry!
At your service, sir. Bye now.
Abbas, bro, turn the stereo on.
As soon as they make some extra money,
they go after a second wife.

He who has it, deserves it!
Thank God, you neither have it
nor deserve it... or you'd have four wives!

Come on out.
- Let's eat in the car, it's too crowded.
- No, come on out.

- I'm really not hungry.
- Ms. Tuba, give us the honor!

I made meatballs, we could have eaten
at home. I don't have the right clothes.

- Hi.
- Hi, hi... Welcome!

Farhad, put those two tables together.
Good evening, Mr. Homayoun!
How are you doing?

- Good evening, ma'am. Welcome!
- Hi, Mr. Homayoun. Thank you.

How are you? We're still expecting you
for dinner some time.

- You have to try my meatballs.
- Thank you. I'd be honored. Please...

Pepperoni for me.
- How's it going?
- Not bad. And you?

Thanks. What would you like?
One pepperoni, two mixed, two specials...
With salad and drinks and everything...
- Sure thing... Ali?
- Yes?