Zir-e poost-e shahr

- You're too kind, sir!
- How much does he pay you?

With all my benefits and travel expenses...
it's not bad, sir!

You didn't say how much!
I make a living. Thank God,
I've led a decent life working for him.

What do you mean?
You mean you don't work for him anymore?

Actually, I'm about to go to Japan.
- Japan?
- Yes, sir!

See, doctor? See how they're causing
a brain-drain in this country?

Why there, boy? Japan is full
of Brazilian and Bangladeshi laborers.

What would they need Iranians for?!
One could make money right here.

Isn't that so, doctor?
How many doctors and engineers like you
make pizza deliveries in the US?

What can I say?
You're right, sir. But one can't go far
with low salaries like this.

Come and see me if you change your mind.
With your permission, sir.
You half-witted moron!