Zir-e poost-e shahr

- Give me the car keys.
- I need the car, myself.

- Mrs. Moloud!
- Are you deaf? Give me the keys!

Give them to me, Abbas.
- Mr. Nasser said to give it to the missis.
- Mr. Nasser is full of crap!

- You ought to be ashamed of yourself!
- Oh, what a sweet boy!

I'll show you. Just wait and see!
An army of employees,
and they can't do a thing right!

Where the hell have you been?
I just asked you to do 2 things.
Take 100,000 tomans from the safe...
Go to the mall, Pari is there.
She's been waiting for an hour. Get going!

Where have you been?
I've been waiting for an hour!

Let's put these in the car. There is more.
- Did you bring money?
- Yes.

- How are the guys in the workshop?
- They're okay.

- How's Nahid?
- She's okay, too.

I miss her a lot.
Of all the employees, she's something else...

- What's up in that house?
- I don't know.