Zir-e poost-e shahr

May God protect you, my dear...
Why did you turn the radio off?
- Don't you want to go to sleep?
- I will.

Come over here, let me measure your size...
Your back...
These kind of things happen as long
as women are ignorant of their rights.

Do you read this stuff in the papers?
Instead, spend more time on school.

I'll go talk to Rahmat tomorrow.
You always want to talk to everyone!
Go to sleep, you have to wake up early.
Mom, could I please have a glass of water?
The other night at the pizza place,
a couple of boys were standing there.

One of them was good-looking,
and he was staring at me.

Right. But you didn't stare back, did you?!
Masum? Wait, I'll take you to school myself.