Zir-e poost-e shahr

And I didn't write your essay.
Tomorrow, in school... you're not coming?
- Looking like this?
- Oh, I'm really sorry!

What happened to your hair?
He cut them.
Would you come shopping with me?
You have good taste.

After what Ahmad did to Masum,
I really can't bring myself to do anything.

My darling Masum...
It's really not fair to torture the kid like that.
What can I do? I can't stand up to him.
The bus is leaving!
Tell him to wait, we're coming...
Tell him that we're coming.

Stop! Run!
He pushes drugs to every junkie
in the neighborhood.

He does every mischief, yet talks
of his honor when it's about his sister.

I'll go report him to the police.
There are so many like him.
They'd say, "What is it to you?"

Besides, he's her brother...
He's her brother, so he can hit her.
As for my sister, it was her husband.

So if someone kills his daughter,
they'd say he was her father, so...

- What's going on?
- Masum... The poor girl ran away.