Zir-e poost-e shahr

Just wait till I get that visa stamp
on my passport. I'll go to her and say:

"If you'd just wait for me one year,
I'd come back with my hands full."

Will you wait for me, Ms. Sarvenaz?
- Yes, Mr. Abbas!
- Get out of here!

Lt'll work out, you'll get it.
Mr. Nasser isn't helping any.
I wanted to ask Mr. Marandi,
but I got scared. He's into illegal stuff...

- Smuggling?
- I don't know.

- My mother wouldn't budge, either.
- What does she say?

She's scared.
The builder says
he'll pay half the money up-front.

We'd have 10 days to move out.
The important thing is for you
to get to Fukuoka and go to Ushidareh.

He finds out that you're there
for honest work, and you got yourself a job!

Damn, things would have been different
if I'd stayed there for two years.

But I never was lucky, they deported me
right on the sixth month.

What if I'm deported, too?
You won't be. Things have changed.
Now, if you don't get into fights,
and stay away from the police, you're fine.

What are you waiting for?
Move it, man!
- Please, Mr. Builder...
- Thank you very much.

Hurry up, Dad.
Mr. Abbas, our friendship aside, you still
have to move out on the deadline. Okay?

- Of course. I've already found a place.
- I very much hope so.