Zir-e poost-e shahr

Mahboubeh slaps Ahmad in the face...
and Dad isn't talking to anyone.
And I slap you in the face.
It's all my fault.
I wanted you and Mahboub to study
so you don't end up like me...

And she doesn't end up like Hamideh.
Don't you two feel the cold?
Come on in, for God's sake!

I've made up my mind.
I'll take back the money I paid for my visa.

I'll sell my bike and pay the builder
the damages he asks for.

And forget about all those headaches...
those detailed plans?

I'll start over...
but on a different route.
This is one price I will never pay.
But Sarve...
Don't break the door, there's no one
in there. They took the money and ran!

They swindled people's money
and ran away. They fled the country!