And I love the ocean.
But why?
Done with fish.
If you'd really loved something,
wouldn't a little bit of it linger?

Evidently Laroche's finishes
were downright and absolute.

He just moved on.
I sometimes wished
I could do the same.

Good afternoon.
So, what looks good today?

The key lime pie, please.
A small slice.
And a coffee, please.
Skim milk, please.

Orchids. I love orchids.
Cool. That's...
Well, I'll be right back with your pie.
I'm so excited. I've always wanted
to come to an orchid show.

I think these flowers are so sexy.
Let's see what's around back.
- You wanna hear my pitch?
- Go away, goddamn it.

You know, I'm just trying
to do something.

Hey, thanks a lot, buddy. Cool.
Okay, there's this serial killer, right?
Well, no, wait.
And he's being hunted by a cop.

And he's taunting the cop, right?
Sending clues who his next victim is.

He's already holding her hostage
in his creepy basement.