You have your own stuff, right? I mean,
we both have our own separate stuff.

Anyway, I should go. I was just
heading home to do some work.

- You coming?
- No, I'm gonna stay at Caroline's tonight.

A little push, push in the bush.
Donald, you're such a tard!
See you, Charlie.
To write about a flower,
to dramatize a flower...

...I have to show the flower's arc.
And the flower's arc stretches back
to the beginning of life.

How did this flower get here?
What was its journey?

Therefore, I should infer
from analogy...

...that probably all the organic beings
which have ever lived on this Earth...

...have descended
from some one primordial form...

...into which life was first breathed.
It is a journey of evolution.

The journey we all take. A journey
that unites each and every one of us.

Darwin writes that we all come
from the very first single-cell organism.

Yet here I am.
And there's Laroche.
There's Orlean.

And there's the ghost orchid.
All trapped in our own bodies...

:39:10 moments in history.
That's it.

That's what I need to do.
Tie all of history together.

Start right before
life begins on the planet.

All is...
And then, like, life begins...

...with organisms.
Those little single-cell ones.

And it's before sex, because,
like, everything was asexual.

From there we go to bigger things.

Then that fish that got legs
and crawled out on the land.

And then we see,
you know, like, dinosaurs.

And then they're around for a long time.
Then an asteroid comes and:

- The insects, the mammals,
the primates, monkeys.

The simple monkeys. Old-fashioned
monkeys giving way to the new ones.

Whatever. And then apes.
Whatever. And man.

Then we see the whole history of
human civilization: Hunting, war, love...

...heartache, disease,
loneliness, technology.