...all else will seem eclipsed. ''
If the ghost orchid
was really a phantom...

... it was still such a bewitching one that
it could seduce people to pursue it...

...year after year
and mile after miserable mile.

If it was a real flower,
I wanted to see one.

The reason was not that I love orchids.
I don't even especially lik e orchids.

What I wanted
was to see this thing...

... that people were drawn to
in such a singular and powerful way.

So how many turtles
did you end up collecting?

l lost interest right after that.
l dropped turtles when l fell
in love with lce Age fossils.

Collected the shit out of them.
Fossils were the only thing that made
sense to me in this fucked-up world.

l ditched fossils
for resilvering old mirrors.

My mom and l
had the largest collection...

...of 1 9th-century Dutch mirrors
on the planet.

Perhaps you read about us.
Mirror World, October '88?

l got a copy here somewhere.
l guess l'd just like to know
how you can detach from something...

...that you've invested
so much of your soul in.

l mean, didn't you ever miss turtles?
The only thing that made
your 1 0-year-old life worth living?

Look, l'll tell you a story, all right?
l once fell deeply, you know,
profoundly in love with tropical fish.

l had 60 goddamn fish-tanks
in my house.

l'd skin-dive to find just the right ones.
Anisotremus virginicus, Holacanthus
ciliaris, Chaetodon capistratus.

You name it.
Then one day l say, '' Fuck fish.''
l renounce fish. l vow never
to set foot in that ocean again.

That's how much ''fuck fish.''
That was 1 7 years ago, and l have
never since stuck a toe in that ocean.