All About the Benjamins

You told me to point it
right at that area.

I told you to do
your fucking job...

No makeup!
You fucking twit!
Bloody fucking Miamians!

You're getting the sack,
and you're on the fucking dole!

The whole lot of you!
Rank amateurs!

You stink to high
fuckin' heaven!

Fuck Miami!
Mr. Barkley, right.
It's good to see you, sir.
Welcome. You're right on time.
I love that seersucker.
Quite posh.

Hello. Shall we go to the set?
This is beautiful!
What we have here is a world
turned upside down.

We've got mirrors.
We've got reflecting pools.

We've got narcissism.
We've got self-indulgence.

It's all bullshit, isn't it,
really, Mr. Barkley...

but we're gonna get some
nice photographs, aren't we?

Some nice photographs.
Now the diamonds, please.
Nice and sexy.
Sexy, darling.

Sexy for me.
Come on. Yeah! That's it!
Gimme legs, gimme legs.
Yeah, fantastic!

Fucking brilliant!
Nice work! Yeah! Camera!
A 6-4-5.
-I want a 6-4-5.

What are you talking about?
You said to load the 6-7.

I want a 6-4-5!
You know the difference
between 6-7 and 6-4-5?

Yes, I do.
My name is Frank!
Listen, I know I've been
a bit rough.

I've abused you.
I'd like to apologize.

Frank, is it?