All About the Benjamins

and see that big hole
in the wall over there?

That's called the door.
Use it. Bye-bye.
Hey! Wait a minute, homey!
-Hey, ho--wait a minute.
-Have a nice day.

Don't do--hey, nigga!
Don't be touchin' me, dog!

All right. Thank you.
Look, man, you better get your
hands off me...

'fore I beat the brakes
off your monkey-ass...

in them Bob Hope pants on.
Watch, I'll be goin' out
this bitch.

It's not here!
What if we never
find this wallet?

Come on, don't say that now.
Look, go over on that side
of the parking lot...

and I'm gonna go
over here and check.

OK, baby? Go over there
and check that out.

All right.
I'm gonna see if I can find one.
I see one! Baby, I see one!
Found one?
Oh, shit!
Hey! Uhh!
Come here!

How'd you get loose?
Oh, man, handcuffs are easy!
I'm a criminal.
Thought I was gonna run,
didn't you?

Come on. I seen
Williamson's face.

Let's go wait on him.
Come on.

I gotta get my wallet first.
Forget about
that damn wallet, OK?

I seen his face.
We need to go over there
and get in position...

wait for him to lead us
to the diamonds.

Come on, let's go!
I don't give a fuck
about them diamonds!

I'm not leaving here
until I find my wallet!

You still on this wallet shit.
Look, listen! I don't
believe that wallet.

I don't believe the lotto.
You won the lotto today?
Come on, man, please!

You don't believe--
L.I.G. it, man.
Let it go, Reggie.

Let it go!
You don't believe me?
Hell, no.
I'm not leavin' this
motherfuckin' parking lot...

till I find my wallet.
Them motherfuckers
tried to kill you today.

So what? Let 'em
come on out here!

I've been lookin' for them, and
they've been lookin' for me...

and God damn it,
we can meet right here...

on the motherfuckin' concrete...
and scrap like a motherfucker
right now!

Come on. You crazy.
Man, you cra--what, man?
How am I crazy? I'm crazy?

$60 million worth of
motherfuckin' lotto tickets...

and I'm crazy?! Nigga,
I'm insane, nigga! Let me--

Fuckin' door!
Fuck this shit!

Come on!
Get off of me, man!

Look, I ain't got no goddamn
time to play with you!

You almost hit me,

Hey, what the hell
wrong with you, Reggie?