Analyze That

Come on.
- How are you, Paul?
- All right.

- You missed a spot.
- You can't be too careful.

Hey, I know. Sorry to hear about Carmine.
- He was a good man.
- Yeah, I know.

You live with someone for 21 years. Then
one day they pull his torso out of the river.

- It's hard.
- Yeah, I'll bet.

Especially since the talk was
that you were the one that put him there.

- That's why I try not to gossip. It's ugly.
- Yeah, it is.

Just a sec. Michelle, Theresa, it's 10:30.
Stop fucking around and get ready for ballet!

It's so hard being a single parent
and a career woman.

For instance, a lot of people
are saying now that you're out...

...that you're gonna try
and take the family from me.

I said, "No, Paul would
never do that to me."

- Never. Not me.
- Good.

So you look good.
What, have you been working out?

Yeah, I been working out who's been
trying to kill me. Got any ideas?

It's a dog-eat-dog world out there.
And you know nobody will be safe
unless we end this thing with the Rigazzis.

- So you had nothing to do with it?
- Paul, calm down, okay?

I did not try and kill you. All right?
Look, I want us to be friends, you know?
Who knows?
Maybe we'll be more than friends.
You wanna lick my beaters?
Patti, let's get serious.
I wanna be left alone, okay?
I'm not doing anything,
I'm just taking care of my own self...

...which is what I should
always be doing, and that's it.

- Sure, I understand, okay?
- You understand?

I do. I understand. Relax.
Sit down, I'll make you a cup of coffee.

No, I gotta go. I got a business thing
with some guy.

If you get something going, we'd expect
some kind of consideration. A little taste.

- No, this is a legitimate thing. It's different.
- You gave me a chill.

Yeah, well, you'll get over it.
Give me a kiss.
Come on, give me a kiss, you.