Aro Tolbukhin. En la mente del asesino

According to the wiII,
you inherit Lise's rights.

There's no probIem.
I'm aIways moved
when I come here.

It's Iike going down
into catacombs.

AII these cans are
Iike forgotten corpses,

sIeeping angeIs.
Waiting to come aIive again
with the Iight of a projector.

A Iot of these cans
wiII soon be in the trash.

If you'd come
a coupIe of years Iater,

maybe you wouIdn't have found
what you are Iooking for.

This is aII that's Ieft
of ''In the BeIIy of the WhaIe''
that I shot with Lise.

These must be the interviews with
the prisoners awaiting execution.

Let's have a Iook.
This Super 8 footage from the
Mission was given to us.

In Lise's film archives,
we found an unfinished documentary
on the death penalty.

There was an interview
with Aro Tolbukhin,

a Hungarian executed in Guatemala
for burning 7 people alive.

We were struck by Tolbukhin's story.
We decided to complete
the unfinished project.

We began with Lise and Keetman's
footage and notes
gathered in the early 80s.
The footage included interviews
with people who knew him.

And also one with Tolbukhin
while at the Pavon Prison.

A few weeks after that interview
Tolbukhin was executed in May 1982.
I went out and waIked to the shed