Aro Tolbukhin. En la mente del asesino

a native of C├ęgIed, Hungary.
Since 1 958, he worked as
a merchant marine.

After 1 6 years, he came ashore
here in Puerto Barrios.

Over on that hiII,
among those trees...

That's where they found him.
Hans arrived just after the quake.
Many peopIe were injured,
without a home,
Iost, and wandering around
the countryside.

They came how they could,
all asking for help.
We had huge problems
trying to tend to them all.

They arrived
in terrible shape.

We had neither sufficient manpower
or facilities.

It was a disaster...
Hans didn't get here by himself.
He had sores
aII over his body.

During the first month
he had very high fever.
His condition
was very serious.

We aII thought
he was going to die.

Saving him seemed impossibIe.
one of the nuns

working with us...
She dedicated aII her energy
to caring for him.

She saved him!