Aro Tolbukhin. En la mente del asesino

In the worst of the war,
in the hardest times...

he helped me to keep going.
To find courage,
to face that situation.
We jeopardized ourselves
by hiding guerrillas.
We also helped those
trying to reach the border.

We became a refuge
for a lot of people.

They all came to the Mission.
Orphans were left with us.
Many children lived with us.
Sometimes they were left
in the chapel.

Sometimes at the doorstep
of the clinic.

What could we do?
We had to keep them...

What about that child?
Kuti was a special case.
Kuti was actually born in the Mission.
His mother was very young.
She came here alone.

When she arrived
she was about to give birth.

It was a dramatic situation.
We heIped her.
I tended to her myseIf.

She survived the birth, but...