Aro Tolbukhin. En la mente del asesino

Now, with some distance...
It was more like brotherly love.
Someone to feel close with,
to always count on.

He also made me see religion
in a more human way.

Closer to the people...
He had much to do
with me leaving the order.

We were surprised
how peopIe from the Mission
taIked about him.

The man we met in prison
was cynicaI and coId-bIooded.
The contradiction was confusing.
But you know
how stubborn Lise was.
She insisted until
she found what she wanted.

-Do you remember him?
-Yes I do.

When the Sister Ieft...
he went crazy.
He Iost controI.
He started drinking.
He roamed about doing nothing.
He disappeared for days...
He couIdn't bear being aIone.
He went mad.
I was worried about him.
His behavior made us nervous.
But this wasn't reason enough
to expeI him from the community.
This had been his home.
Maybe we didn't do
the right thing

by keeping him here.
Maybe we didn't do
the right thing,

but where would he go?